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While change is hard, sometimes even terrifying, it’s also necessary in order to evolve and become the person you know you’re meant to be. While we acknowledge this truth, we also tend to avoid it. We tell ourselves all is well, I’m fine, in an effort to avoid the hard work of change. We fabricate these internal stories to keep us safe. But lying to yourself, no matter how well intended, only serves to keep you stuck. Transformation requires honesty and authenticity.

I will help you find your honest and authentic path, in part, by helping you create a safe space for change and growth. Whether you’re struggling with a relationship at home or at work, or maybe you envision yourself finally living the way you want to, rather than in a constant state of chaos, I can help you quiet the noise and find clarity in the process of self-discovery. You can find peace by living your authentic life, and my work with you will help you do that.


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Eva taught me how to find joy in taking care of myself, and that brings me peace.