Eva Schmidt


Eva Schmidt has unusually rich experience in both the wellness and business coaching arenas. With over 5000 hours of coaching experience, Eva is an NBHWC Certified Health and Wellness Coach, a Certified Executive Coach (CEC), a Certified MentorCoach®, an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), and a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. As founder of 3 Springs Coaching, she combines her nearly two decades of experience in healthcare and business coaching to serve her clients.

Eva is also the former owner and partner of a large family practice in Eugene, Oregon. She recently served as the Clinical Director and medical provider for one of the largest employer-based healthcare companies in the country, where she integrated health coaching into patient care.

Eva’s deep corporate experience includes her time serving as a corporate executive in the banking industry. Eva knows first-hand the importance of good leadership. Her experience includes several years in the banking and mortgage industry overseeing multimillion-dollar business loan portfolios and serving as Operations Manager for the construction lending division of a large East Coast bank.

A Certified Executive Coach, Eva enjoys working with life and business issues for executives, contributing to the success of individuals and organizations. And having made a midlife career change, she lends unique insight to that process and understands the stress and often paralyzing anxiety that can sometimes accompany a life or career transition.

A gifted teacher, Eva loves working with students, supporting them in building exciting and rewarding coaching practices. She serves as a senior member of the MentorCoach Trainer Team and the MentorCoach Health and Wellness Faculty.



I combine my nearly two decades of experience in health care as a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, with my years of experience as a board-certified coach to bring a unique perspective to the concept of wellness.

Through my previous experience as a corporate executive in the banking industry, I also understand that wellness is not limited to the person. I know first-hand the importance of good leadership, and the impact that can have on company wellness.

Also, as someone who has made a midlife career change, I lend a unique insight into that process. I understand the stress and often paralyzing anxiety that can sometimes accompany a life or career transition.

Eva helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life

Without her coaching, I don’t think I’d be where I am today.



Change can be hard. Even when we know it’s necessary. The inability to move forward can often feel foreign and intimidating. Especially when you are strong, independent, and solution focused. When you know you’re capable and used to having all the answers, the uncertainty about how to move forward can leave you feeling like you’re treading water. I’m here to throw you a line so you can stop and take a breath.

Through a thoughtful and creative process designed to evoke awareness and self-discovery, I will partner with you to help facilitate authentic and lasting transformation. I believe you are the expert in your own life and work. You have the resources and capability to thrive. I will support you in reaching your maximum personal and professional potential.

Having the courage to examine what’s holding you back – owning who you are and what you want – doesn’t make you vulnerable. It makes you authentic. And authenticity is the cornerstone of my work.



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Our team is finally becoming more cohesive and productive thanks to Eva’s work with us.