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Focus On Strength & Opportunity

In my work, I partner with you to focus on your unique strengths and to find opportunities for change, rather than diagnosing and “fixing” what’s wrong. While enlisting the medical expert is vital in a health crisis, it’s not helpful when it comes to behavior change. Rather than sending you away with a prescription, my approach is designed to help you bridge the gap between your values and actions. I respect that you are the expert in you and I will honor your autonomy in that.

Knowledge isn’t always power. For example, we know that cases of chronic disease are at an all-time high. We understand that a healthy lifestyle, including eating well and exercising, is essential to avoiding that risk and living disease free. Yet, recent studies show that despite having knowledge, less than 5% of adults engage in the top health behaviors, and sadly as a result, only 20% of adults are thriving.

The truth is that we are living in unprecedented times. The demands of everyday life are high. We look for quick fixes for the things we’re not confident we can change on our own – like weight loss, better sleep, and other lifestyle habits – and they are abundantly offered in an array of confusing marketing ploys. Quick fixes don’t last. There’s no magic pill. We are all unique in our bodies, minds, and needs. My work encompasses a whole person view – the authentic you. This is necessary to help you design your own wellness blueprint for lasting transformation.


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Eva helped me look at myself in a different light. The road was hard and a bit rocky at times, but she always supported me during the process.